At Milton Park Primary School we believe that the teaching of Computing should equip young people with the foundational skills, knowledge and understanding of Computing that they will need to be digitally literate for the rest of their lives. As we all know, computers are now part of everyday life and having an understanding of technology is important so that our children are ready for the world outside of school and to be able to participate effectively in this digital world.

At Milton Park we aim to teach children the fundamental skills of Computing.

  • Programming: Being about to create and debug programmes, create sequences and algorithms to solve problems.
  • e- Safety: Knowing and understanding how to use technology safely and responsibly, where to go for help and what to keep private.
  • Handling Data: Using technology for a purpose to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve data. Use devices and software to combine, analyse, evaluate and present data.
  • Multimedia: Using technology to create, organise and retrieve digital content as well as using different devices and software to present information in different ways. E.g. animation, photography.
  • Technology in our lives: Thinking about how we use technology in our lives such as using the internet, communicating with others, finding information and analysing how information is given to us. E.g. Blogging, evaluating websites

At Milton Park we strive to ensure that Computing is combined within other areas of the Curriculum to enrich and broaden the children’s understanding so that they can apply these skills in different ways.  In order for this to happen we encourage the children to use a range of technologies such as digital cameras, laptops,  iPads and beebots. The children also have access to a Computer ‘Pod’ which it located in the Library. Technology is very much part of everyday life at Milton Park with each classroom having an Interactive Whiteboard and Year 6 classes having access to iPads in class.


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