The Resourced Provision for children with autism, is an integral part of Milton Park Primary School. It caters for 14 children between the ages of 4 and 11, whose primary need is in the area of Social Communication and Interaction. The children are split into two classes. Germany class focuses on children who have a Social and Communication primary need, whilst France class focuses on children who work more academically. There is also cross over between both classes, to allow provision for children across all areas of need. The children work together as a whole team for Art, PE and some Science lessons an movement between the two classes is quite flexible.

Children placed within the provision either have a statement of educational needs/Education and Health Care Plan or are currently undergoing assessment. They are expected to be able to access aspects of a mainstream environment, but require specialist teaching which is provided within the provision. This enables us to address individual needs such as social and emotional understanding, challenging behaviour, difficulties with self-help skills including toilet training, sensory processing difficulties, additional speech and language difficulties.

The Provision is staffed by two teachers, two higher level teaching assistants and four teaching assistants and is supported by outside agencies, such as Educational Psychology and Speech and Language therapy. Staff from across the wider school also visit the provision to develop their skills.

We use the “SPELL” framework to understand and respond to the needs of our children, as developed by National Autistic Society:

• Structure – making life predictable and ordered through using a visual approach.

• Positive – we have high, but realistic expectations of our children, based on individual assessment.

• Empathy – we try to understand the world from the child’s point of view.

• Low arousal – we try to offer a calm and ordered environment to reduce anxiety, add concentration and to help each child feel safe.

• Links – we establish strong links with parents, outside agencies to build consistency and help each child to lead as full a life as possible.

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The children in the Resourced provision  follow an adapted and differentiated National Curriculum. Each child is included at the level appropriate for them. Alongside National Curriculum work, each child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which addresses their specific areas of difficulty for example: speech and language development, social communication skills, thinking skills, sensory difficulties, motor difficulties, self-help issues.

We work closely with parents and carers and we have a parent group which meets half termly after school.

Spring Term –

Germany Class – This term the children will be continuing to work on their independence skills. The children will be focussing on the artist ‘Arcimboldi’ who works with fruit for art, and learning about growing their own plants in Science. Our Literacy focus is the book ‘Penguin’ by Polly Dunbar. We welcome a new member of staff to our class this term, Mrs Connor. We will be continuing to visit the Gymnastics Centre every week, also we will begin to have swimming sessions at Mary Rose Academy!  Below are links to pages where you can and read more about our work, find out about local organisations and learn more about autism and how to help your child.

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