The Inclusion Centre is a resourced provision for children who have a diagnosis of ASD from ages 4 = 11.  Children placed within the provision either have a statement of educational needs/Education and Health Care Plan or are currently undergoing assessment. The children will work towards being able to integrate into mainstream for some learning, with a high level of support for teaching staff to meet their specific needs from the provision staff. There are two teachers (Mrs Walton and Miss Keeler) one higher level teaching assistants (Mrs Watkins) and six teaching assistants and is supported by outside agencies, such as Educational Psychology and Speech and Language therapy. Staff from across the wider school also visit the provision to develop their skills. We use a variety of personalized learning styles to meet the individual needs of our children. Focusing on several areas of learning including academic progress, independence skills, social skills, coping and flexibility of thought. The provision is split across two classes, with a focus on speech and language and social skill needs in Carroll class, and Academic, social skills and social and emotional needs in Rowling.

Spring 2 – Carroll Class-   

Rowling Class-In English we will be working on poetry, instruction writing and narrative skills.  During book week, which is the week beginning March 4th we will be using the book Flotsum by David Wiesner as the starting point for a variety of activities.  In Maths we will be working on number skills, calculations, area and problem solving.  Towards the end of term we will complete some R.E work around Easter.

Both classes will be working on an exciting topic-The Titanic and How has travel changed since the Titanic?  We are sure that the children will really enjoy this and be excited and engaged by the learning opportunities it provides.

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