The normal term of office for a Governor is four years.

The Governors can be contacted at any time by writing to the Chair of Governors or clerk via the school. The fundamental role of the School Governors is to act as a link between the school and the community they serve, and also between the school and the Education Authority. However, under the new legislation, School Governors are given more direct and far-reaching responsibilities.

The principal role of the governors is to support, challenge and monitor the School Improvement Plan of the school. The governors work as a unicameral board, meaning that there are no committees. Each governor has a “portfolio” for which they are responsible.

The governors hold at least one meeting per month.


Governors may be contacted through the School Office Telephone: 023 9273 3792

Governor Roles and Committees, and Legal declarations

Name Governor Type Portfolio Responsibility Business Interests Pecuniary Interests Roles in other Schools Attendance 17/18 Date Appointed
Dai Thomas Local Authority Chair N/A N/A NLG 3/3 September ’17
Janet Andrews Co-Opted Vice Chair, Finance Portfolio N/A N/A 3/3
Lee Branscombe Interim Headteacher N/A N/A 3/3
Jenny McKenzie Co-Opted Assessment and Data Portfolio N/A N/A 2/3
Cllr Ryan Brent Co-Opted Teaching and Learning Portfolio – Maths N/A N/A 2/3
Linsay Smith Staff N/A N/A 3/3
Amy Pay Co-Opted Staff N/A N/A 2/3
Mel Slama Parent Marketing Portfolio N/A N/A 1/3
Holly Aitken Co-Opted Safeguarding Portfolio N/A N/A 3/3
Phil Edge Co-Opted Teaching and Learning Portfolio – English N/A Married to a staff member 3/3
Rachel Fry Co-Opted Teaching and Learning Portfolio – SEND N/A N/A 2/3
Vacancy (Parent) Parent

The Clerk to the Governing Body is Sonia Turton

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