Governor Biographies

Lionel Smith

I joined Milton Park Primary School Governors in 2014. I have also been a
Governor at two other schools in the city since moving to Portsmouth in 2012.
I have previously worked with offenders as probation officer and later
managed services that work with troubled young people. For a period I was

involved in the oversight of the training for social workers in Universities and
higher education colleges. I am a qualified social worker and have a post
graduate qualification in training.

We all know how vital it is for a young person to receive a good education from
the outset of their school life if they are to make the most their opportunities.

Now that I am retired I want to make a contribution towards assisting young
people to realise their ambitions. Being a Governor at Milton Park Primary
provides an opportunity for me to support the school in its work ensuring that
the young people whom it serves continue to receive the best possible education.

Phil Edge

Hello I am now in my 3rd year as a governor at Milton Park, and have been a school governor for 5 years prior to that at other schools.

My day job is an IT specialist working for AT&T and I bring with me a wealth of computing and business skills which I use to support the staff and pupils. I am married to Billie Edge a year 5 teacher giving me another insight into the school.

I am a governor because I am proud of our school, I am proud of the pupils and what they can achieve. There is very little better than hearing children excited about the future and things they are doing, and it is very important that we give them every opportunity to grow and develop in a safe and secure way, and if I can help this in any small way then, that is why I am a governor.

Carole Aspden

This is my third year as Governor at Milton Park Primary School. My previous experience as a governor was as a parent governor at my sons’ primary school in Portsmouth.

My working background, which helps with the duties of being a governor, is in HR, training and managing small businesses and I sit on committees at the school that reflect my experience.

As a parent I was always interested in understanding how my children were doing at school and how I could support the teaching staff.  I have taken up the role of governor at Milton Park so that I could continue to support the local community doing something that I feel is very rewarding. It is a privilege to be able to share in the achievements of the school and to be part of the team that ensures the right governance framework is in place to enable the pupils to reach their full potential.

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