At Milton Park Primary School we believe that the teaching of History should fire children’s curiosity about the past, develop their understanding about the world in which we live and examine the way in which the past has influenced the present. We aim for our pupils to learn about significant people, events and developments from both recent and more distant eras.

Our children learn through a rich variety of activities and resources including having the opportunity to be “History Detectives”: posing questions, evaluating evidence, applying higher order thinking skills to solve problems Alongside this we aim to fire our children’s love of History through exploring history through drama with a theatre group such as Open Box Theatre Company.  Visits out of school to places such as the D-Day Museum with Year 2 link to learning within the classroom, bringing History to life.

In Key Stage 1 some of the topic areas covered include A Victorian Christmas, The Great Fire of London, Britain in the Blitz and a person study looking at the influence of Florence Nightingale on the History of Medicine.

In Key Stage 2 a variety of topic areas are taught including the Roman Empire and it’s impact on Britain, A local history study of the History of Portsmouth, The Industrial Revolution and Ancient Greece.




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