Penguin - Resilience


Penguins like a challenge and are willing to have a go. They know that learning can sometimes be hard and are willing to persevere. They understand that they must take a risk and mistakes are how we learn.

Meerkat - Teamwork


Meerkats can work together to achieve more. They can listen to and communicate ideas clearly in a group and show empathy for others. They inspire the trust and confidence of others.

Owl - Reflection


Owls use different ways to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. They are self aware and are able to recognise and celebrate their successes. They are able to devise their own next steps.

Dolphin - Respect


Dolphins show respect to each other at all times. They are helpful members of the community and take responsibility for themselves and others. They have good manners and communicate well.

Monkey – Resourcefulness


Monkeys are motivated to work independently and know the resources they need to achieve a goal. They can manage themselves and work without distracting others. They can make their own decisions and organise themselves.

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