Mental Calculation
Children’s mental calculation strategies are taught from the time they start Milton Park. Through a variety of practical activities, children are encouraged to count, find totals and add one to small numbers.

In every maths lesson across the school there is the opportunity for children to develop their mental calculation skills. This can be through the chanting of times tables, practising number bonds, using related number facts and adding multiples of 10.

MPPS – Written Calculation Guide

Maths Lessons

Staff at Milton Park believe that mathematics is a fundamental skill to achievement in all areas of life. We fully embrace the three main aims of the new curriculum;
– Reasoning and explanation
– Problem solving
– Mathematical fluency
In all our lessons, these strands are evident from beginning to end.

The maths curriculum is divided in to blocks based on the objectives set out in the new curriculum. The ensure progression in understanding, teachers follow an agreed calculation policy that develops strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division across the primary range.
Calculation Policy 2014

Lessons are driven through the mastery approach to maths; problem solving exercises which aim to develop the children’s resilience as well as their number skills. We try to make these problems as close to real life as possible; making links to contexts such as money (giving change), cooking (weighing and measuring ingredients) and linking maths to science experiments (data handling).




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