At Milton Park, RE is a concept based programme of study that encourages children to develop an understanding of and respect for the beliefs, values and practises of other religions. The concepts within the programme of study are there to promote the art of critical thinking, whereby children can discuss, debate and reflect on how the concepts in religions can be related to their own personal experiences. It also has links with the PSHE curriculum as it too works towards supporting children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development preparing them for responsibilities and experiences in later life.

To ensure that RE is an inclusive subject that all children can participate in regardless of religious knowledge or belief, the concepts are carefully planned for by class teachers to ensure that the content of lessons is as lively and engaging as possible. Milton Park uses a variety of engaging teaching methods; these include art, music, drama, and debating.  Children are also given time to think critically about the concepts taught through the use of artefacts, stories and quiet time for reflection.

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