United Kingdom Red and Blue Class. (Reception classes)


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At Milton Park we have two reception classes who operate together in one room, the children are supported by 2 early years teachers and 4 qualified early years teaching assistants. United Kingdom class can be found in the Acorn building.

The Foundation Stage Curriculum

The Foundation Stage begins when children enter pre-school provision. This includes Child-minder’s, Nursery, Pre-school and Playgroups. The last year of the Foundation Stage is often referred to as the Reception year. During their time in Year R we will be laying the foundations for learning and getting your child ready for more formal learning as they enter into Key Stage 1.

The Foundation Stage curriculum consists of seven learning areas;

Prime Areas

  1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  2. Physical Development
  3. Communication and Language

Specific Areas

  1. Literacy
  2. Mathematics
  3. Understanding the World
  4. Expressive Arts and Design

Our learning environment is welcoming, attractive, stimulating, fun and exciting and has been carefully planned and organised into clear zones, which incorporate each of the seven areas of learning and development.

  • Book corner
  • Mark-making area
  • Role-play area
  • Maths area
  • Construction area
  • Small world area
  • Creative area (which includes: play dough, junk modelling, painting, cutting and sticking)
  • Fine motor area
  • Puzzle area
  • Interest area
  • Outside area

In each zone all of the resources and equipment are clearly labelled and accessible to the children with space provided to display models and keep any work in progress. We encourage the children to be independent The resources and provision are regularly replenished and enhanced by staff in order to cater to children’s interests and are also flexible, enabling them to be used in different areas and in different ways. The areas have also been carefully arranged to allow children space for activity, rest and refreshment.

Our outdoor area is just as important as the inside and the children are able to move freely between the two on a daily basis during child initiated learning time. We also encourage children to use this space whatever the weather!

All of the children are taught to handle equipment carefully and to help with tidying up in order to develop a sense of responsibility.

At Milton Park Primary School we believe in providing the children in the reception year with a fun and exciting experience where they are encouraged to talk, discover, create, practise, rehearse, explore, investigate and learn through their play.

We will give them opportunities to work and play with adults and with friends, learn independence, learn indoors and outdoors, make a mess and tidy up! The children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning by making choices about the areas they play in. This is called Child Initiated Learning.

The Foundation Stage Day.


As soon as the children start school we teach them a number of routines which help encourage them to be independent and take responsibility for their own belongings. (E.g. hanging up their own coats, putting their book bags in the tub and self-registering)

Child Initiated Learning

The children are able to move freely and independently around the base choosing the activity that they want to play in. The adults use this time to interact with the children to develop and extend their learning experiences. This will usually take place during the afternoon sessions. We call this time “Busy Bee time”

Observations and Assessments

During the first six weeks at school your child will be observed and assessed in an informal way using the Development Matters ages and stages. This information will be used to identify where the children are and what their next steps will be. Learning Journals are used to record children’s learning and development, progress and achievement during their foundation year. We collect evidence throughout the year which includes photographs, examples of work and observations. We encourage parents/carers to contribute to their child’s Learning Journals and provide them with slips of paper so that they can record any significant learning moments at home.


Throughout the school day the children will have the opportunity to;

  • work as a whole class on the carpet for short periods of time.
  • work in small groups on a focused task with an adult.
  • work 1:1 with an adult.
  • work independently on a task.
  • work cooperatively as part of a group.


Every  half term we will be introducing a new topic to the children.  Here are the topics that we will be learning this year.

Term Topic
Autumn 1 Magnificent Me
Autumn 2 Superheroes
Spring 1 Space
Spring 2 Knights, Princesses and Castles
Summer 1 If you go down to the woods today ………..
Summer 2 We’re all going on a summer holiday.

Autumn 1


Spring 1



Communication, Language and Literacy

The children will be reading a selection of story and information books about space. We will be teaching the next phase of phonics sounds and will be continuing to focus on Fred Talking and blending of words to support reading and using this knowledge to read simple ditties and books.

They will have opportunities to write for a range of different purposes including a list of things to take to the moon, a letter to an alien, a postcard about a trip to the moon and an information book about space.


Mathematical Development

The children will be counting out loud to 20 and beyond. They will be counting objects accurately and representing numbers using their fingers. They will be recognising numbers 0-20 and matching them to the correct number of objects. They will be solving simple addition problems using practical equipment and finding one more and one less to 20.  They will name and describe 2D (flat) shapes and use them to create pictures and learn 3D shapes. We will also be learning to use the language of time to sequence events during the day. (E.g. breakfast, playtime, lunchtime, home time, bed time etc)


Spring 2

Knights and Princesses Spr 2 2017

knights front cover

knight 2


knight 4








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