Aims and Vision

All children at Milton Park Primary School will……..

Achieve their full potential

Be Successful in all they do

Make Progress in their learning

Be Independent learners and thinkers

Show Respect for others

Be Enthusiastic learners


We will:

  •  Take a pride in the achievements of all
  •  Be respectful towards everyone
  •  Be confidential both within and beyond the school day
  •  Communicate effectively
  •  Ensure that we take responsibility for our actions
  •  Celebrate difference and diversity
  •  Work as a team
  •  Be role models for the children
  •  Have a calm attitude
  •  Trust each others abilities and opinions
  •  Encourage an enthusiasm for learning and an enjoyment in what we do
  •  Promote a positive ethos
  •  Be polite and respectful of others



We will:

  •  Promote behaviour for learning skills
  •  Provide a stimulating learning environment
  •  Enable children to aspire to be the best they can be
  •  Ensure that there is learning for all – children, staff and parents
  •  Ensure that learning is fun and enjoyable
  •  Provide challenging and stimulating learning experiences
  •  Provide first hand experiences whenever possible
  •  Ensure that the children have the opportunity to collaborate
  •  Provide learning experiences for different learning styles
  •  Have high expectations for all learners
  •  Ensure that the children make connections in their learning
  •  Ensure that all children make progress in their learning
  •  Enable the children to have opportunities to reflect on their learning
  •  Develop and build on prior knowledge
  •  Make cross curricular links
  •  Support and guide the learning through careful planning
  •  Ensure that the children know their next steps and targets



We will:

  •  Provide a positive and safe working environment
  •  Encourage all to do their best
  •  Be welcoming to all
  •  Ensure that we celebrate achievements
  •  Be honest, caring and respectful
  •  Be a listening school
  •  Provide a sense of awe and wonder
  •  Build good relationships with others
  •  Ensure that children have a say in the curriculum and school
  • developments



We will:

  •  Ensure that our displays are colourful, exciting and relevant to the learning
  •  Keep the school clean and tidy
  •  Be warm and welcoming
  •  Encourage children to use interactive displays
  •  Take a collective responsibility for the learning environment
  •  Have calm, purposeful but busy classrooms
  •  Look after our school – inside and out
  •  Take a pride in where we work



We will:

  •  Be well prepared for each lesson
  •  Show that we enjoy what we do – have fun!
  •  Use a variety of teaching styles and strategies
  •  Match the teaching to the learning
  •  Provide opportunities for cross curricular work
  •  Use up to date stimulating resources
  •  Work as a team sharing good practice
  •  Show good behaviour management
  •  Challenge through open ended questions
  •  Use ICT to stimulate the learning
  •  Ensure that there is continuity and progression in learning
  •  Reflect on our own teaching and be open to change



We will:

  •  Provide a broad, balanced, relevant and exciting curriculum
  •  Use a range of visits and visitors to enhance the learning
  •  Provide opportunities for the whole school to work together
  •  Provide good, engaging and relevant resources
  •  Have flexibility to ensure quality and time
  •  Ensure that children have the opportunity to succeed
  •  Provide for different learning styles
  •  Ensure that there is variety and relevance
  •  Use the outdoors and local environment to develop learning
  •  Enable the children to have an national and global understanding
  •  Use expertise of staff and others
  •  Provide a range of after school experiences
  •  Keep parents informed of what the children are learning



We will:

  •  Provide good communication with parents, governors and the community
  •  Provide an uptodate website
  •  Make links and use the community within the curriculum
  •  Work in partnership with parents
  •  Ensure that we are a learning community for all
  •  Provide opportunities for parents and the community to visit the school
  •  Raise the status of the school in the community
  •  Take part in community and charity events
  •  Link with members of the community i.e. church, police, health
  •  Work with parents to raise funds for the school


Next Review September 2016

Agreed by staff on 7th September 2015

Approved by the Governing Body of Milton Park Primary School on:

Dated: ………………………………………………

Signed: ……………………………………………. Chair of Governors

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