Year 1 have two classes:


Greece Class – Mrs Hutchings

LSA – MrBates


Italy Class –  Mr Organ (Monday/Tuesday) and Mrs Furber (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday)

LSA – Mrs Anders
KS1 HLTA – Mrs Connor

Our Topic this half term is:  The Victorians 

In Topic we are going to look at how life was different for Victorian children in comparison to our lives now. We will  research the jobs that children had to do and look into child labour. We will also spend some time looking at how their homes were different and what we would expect to find inside. Year 1 will also be having a topic hook day nearer the end of this half term, where they are invited to dress as Victorian children and experience a day in the life of a Victorian child at school. Image result for victorians

Our Science this half term is: Pushes and Pulls

In our role as Scientists this half term,  we will be exploring pushes and pulls, thinking about how objects are able to move, stop and change direction with a change in force. We will do this by experimenting with different items to see how the force applied to it changes the way it moves. The children will learn how the speed of an item depends on the push or pull applied to it and also about the natural forces that shape the world.

Image result for pushes and pulls

Here are some useful websites:


BBC science


In Maths this term:


In our maths lessons this half term, we will spend some time looking at various types of measuring, we will be shown how to measure from zero on a ruler, how to weigh things using a balance scale and multilink and measuring capacity. For the majority of these we will look at using non-standard measures and focus more on comparing the items. For example, when weighing we will look at which item is the heaviest or lightest. We will also begin to look at multiplication and division using arrays.  As well as this, we will have daily counting practise.

In English this term:

Image result for writing sentence

Year 1 will begin to look at the way prefixes and suffixes change the words we write. The children will also learn how to show the passing of time using time connectives in the different genres of their writing e.g. First, next, after that and finally. We will have daily handwriting sessions where we will practice forming all of our letters clearly and correctly. Alongside this,our daily phonic lessons will help us to practice known sounds and learn brand new ones, in particular, we will look at the alternative pronunciations for the sounds we have already learnt.

Here is the list of common exception words your child is expected to know by the end of year 1, which they are tested on termly.

Image result for year 1 common exception words

PE for Year 1  classes are on a Tuesday and a Wednesday this half term.

PE is a very important part of our curriculum.  Please make sure that your child has suitable kit and sensible PE shoes in school every week otherwise they will have to wear spare kit.  Earrings must be taken out or taped over and all PE kit must have the child’s name in it.

This half term the children will be doing dance on Wednesdays and Games on Fridays.

How you can support your child at home:

– Listen to your child read at home regularly.

–  Support them to count forwards and backwards in ones and twos to 20, and help them to recognise their numbers up to 100. Make sure that their numbers are written the right way round.

–  Support them with practicing their Spelling Bee words.

–   Support/test them on their Mental Maths challenge booklet.

There are many sources of support on the internet. Some of the websites we recommend are:

bbc bitesize ks1

phonics play


We hope they are helpful to you and help you support your child’s learning.



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