Year 1 have two classes:


Greece Class – Mrs Hutchings

TA – Miss New


Italy Class –  Mrs Furber (Monday/Tuesday) and Mrs Heal ( Wednesday/ Thursday/Friday)

TA – Mrs Anders
KS1 HLTA – Mrs Connor

Our Topic this half term is:  Rainforests


We will be learning lots of different things about the rainforest. In our classes, we will be finding out where they are located in the world and why they are located there. We will investigate the different animals that live in the rainforest and how they have adapted to their surroundings. Then we will spend some time thinking about what we get from the rainforest and how we can help to preserve it.

Our Science this half term is: Plants


In science lessons we will be looking at how plants are different to animals, what they can be used for and how we should treat them. We will explore where different types of plants grow and what they need in order to stay alive. We will do this through a variety of experiments and practical work.

Here are some useful websites:


BBC science


In Maths this term:


In our maths lessons this half term, we will begin to compare numbers, thinking about how they can be split into different parts and start looking at addition and subtraction. To begin with, we will spend our time working this out practically and then will begin to use numberlines later on to help us work this out in a more formal way.  As well as this, we will have daily counting practise.

In English this term:

Image result for writing sentence

We will be learning to write sentences that are consistently correctly punctuated with full stops and capital letters as well as thinking about improving our word choice. We will have daily handwriting sessions where we will practice forming all of our letters clearly and correctly. Alongside this,our daily phonic lessons will help us to practice known sounds and learn brand new ones.

PE for Year 1  classes is on a Monday and Friday this half term.

PE is a very important part of our curriculum.  Please make sure that your child has suitable kit and sensible PE shoes in school every week otherwise they will have to wear spare kit.  Earrings must be taken out or taped over.

This half term the children will be doing gymnastics on Mondays and Dance on Fridays.

How you can support your child at home:

– Listen to your child read at home regularly.

–  Support them to count forwards and backwards in ones and twos to 20, and help them to recognise their numbers up to 100. Make sure that their numbers are written the right way round.

–  Support them with practicing their Spelling Bee words.

–   Support/test them on their Mental Maths challenge booklet.

There are many sources of support on the internet. Some of the websites we recommend are:

bbc bitesize ks1

phonics play


We hope they are helpful to you and help you support your child’s learning.



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