There are two classes in Year 3

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Japan: Mrs Brydon, Miss Guinelly, Miss Beattie

       Mexico: Miss Joyce, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Greenwood

Our topic this term is Enterprise (science and DT topic)

photo frame

We will become scientists and creators as we learn about materials and their different uses. We will use our knowledge and understanding to design and make photo frames, which we will then sell to friends and family to raise funds for the school!

The design process will use our scientific understanding of materials, and we will use cutting and measuring skills from our DT lessons.

We would really appreciate your support with our topic this half term, either by donating your time volunteering to help with our DT lessons, or just spending a little bit of money buying your child’s project.



As readers we will be exploring a variety of non-fiction and fiction texts.   We will be developing our comprehension skills, looking at the type of questions that have been used and making sure that our answers reflect the questions and use the text to support our answers.  We will develop our inference skills, thinking about hidden messages that are implied in a text and how authors use showing not telling to let us know how different characters are feeling. We will look at the language chosen by the author and the effect this has on our interpretation of the characters.   We will learn how to find information accurately in non-fiction texts, and use dictionaries to broaden our vocabulary.  Our work will focus on the book ‘Jack and the Baked Beanstalk’.


in the school

As writers we will be building on the work of Year 2 and learning how to construct sentences using a variety of grammatical devices.  We will be starting our sentences in different ways, extending our sentences using a range of conjunctions, and begin to develop the use of paragraphing to organise our writing.  We will be basing some of our writing on our reading, learning how to use the skills and techniques from books we have read in our own writing.   We will apply our learning to different genres in our literacy, topic and science lessons.  We will be exploring poetry this half term, reading different types such as free verse and narrative poetry, before having a go at writing some ourselves!



As mathematicians we will continue to develop and apply our number skills and continue working on written methods for the four operations.  We will be applying our calculation skills to problem solving activities, developing our skills in unpicking problems and using our skills to solve them. We will be learning about money, telling the time, exploring 2d and 3d shape, measuring and interpreting data.




PE this term is Athletics and Outdoor games. PE will be every Tuesday and every Wednesday afternoon.  All children are required to take part in PE lessons, so please make sure that your child has their PE kit in school each week.  This half term they will need need a change of comfortable clothes and suitable trainers  for both PE sessions.



In our computing lessons, we will become ‘vloggers’.  This unit gives children the skills to record a video ‘diary’ which can be viewed by their friends in school.

How you can support your child

Listen to your child read regularly – at least 3 times a week

Support your child to practice their 2, 5 and 10 times tables, and begin to learn their 3,  4 and 8 times table

Support your child to complete their Maths Challenge Book

Support your child to complete their Spelling Bee Challenge Book

Make sure that all homework tasks have been completed and handed in on time.

Homework summer 2


Maths Workshop



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