The two year 4 classes are China: Miss Dickie, Miss Glenn and Miss Sheppard

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South Africa: Miss McCullagh and Mrs Smith

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Our Autumn 1 topic is Chocolate: Should I Cocoa?

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In this topic we will be learning about human geography and how land is used, trade links and the distribution of natural resources.  We will use chocolate as a means of exploring each of these concepts; where does it come from, how is it produced and how does it get to us? Our cross curricular links will include looking at fair trade and the impact of food miles on the environment and using our maths skills to work out how far our food has travelled.

We will open our Autumn 1 topic with a Topic hook day – testing, designing and making chocolate products and watching Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

Topic overview autumn1





In reading

In reading we will be looking at a variety of texts and genre types, exploring their features and using them to improve our comprehension and inference skills. We will read Charlie and the chocolate factory as a link to our topic.


in the school

In writing we will continue to use and apply the different skills of a writer based upon Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We will use these skills across a range of genre and learn to edit and improve effectively.



In maths we will further develop our understanding of place value. We will use and apply skills we have learnt to a range of contexts including problem solving and learning to explain our reasoning.



In science we will learn about teeth and eating; introducing the digestive system and exploring the parts and their functions. We will compare the teeth and digestive system of humans and animals, suggesting reasons for these differences.



PE for the Autumn 1 half term is on Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure your child comes to school with their PE kit.

Click below to view the information from the year 4 parent workshops we held earlier in the year.


How you can support your child’s learning:

supporting learning

  • Ensure that your child is prepared and on time for school each day.
  • Practise their times tables.
  • Support your child with their homework.
  • Test your child on their spellings.
  • Test/support your child on their mental maths challenge and spelling bee booklets.
  • Read at home every day.


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