Welcome to Year 5


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Morpurgo Class – Mrs Hanson and Mrs Thomas


Shakespeare Class – Mrs Furber (Monday to Wednesday), Mrs Mansbridge (Thursday to Friday), and Miss Yates


Spring 1 – Life Cycles

Our topic this half term is science raleted: Life cycles. The children will be looking at the various life cycles of animals in different habitats and how this is key to their survival. The will dissect flowers as part of the topic hook and use this to understand the various names and functions of the parts of a plant. Children will become scientists by observing animals in our local habitats. image 1 (Small)

In maths, the children will be looking at multiplication and division, so it’s even more vital that they know their times tables so practise, practise, practise! The children will also be starting to study fractions, including adding those with the same denominator and identifying equivalent fractions.

In English the children will continue to develop their inference skills and use this to make predictions about characters and events. We will be practising writing instructions using modal verbs and imperatives and creating our own creature from which children will create an explanation about how to look after it, linking nicely with our science work. There will also be opportunities for the children to write short narratives. 


DSC_0120 (Small)Each half term the children will receive a “menu” outlining the different options they have for homework. They do not have to complete every task on the sheet, but we recommend that they do all of the “must” activities and at least one of the “could” and “should” activities. The government recommendation for the amount of time a year 5 child should spend on homework is 30 minutes per school day (2 and a half hours per week). Please click on the link below to access the menu for this half term.

Homework – Spring 1

Useful Information

PE Days: Both classes will have PE on a Monday

Homework is due in: Morpurgo Class Thursday / Shakespeare Class WednesdayDSC_0119 (Small)

Key Dates:

7th January 2019 – INSET Day – school closed to children

8th January 2019 – Children return for the start of the spring term

29th and 30th January 2019 – School Show

15th February 2019 – INSET Day – school closed to children

Information from the “Meet the Teacher” Event

Meet the Teacher – Copy of Slides

Year 5 Curriculum Map 2018-2019

Year 5 Reading – End of Year Objectives

Year 5 Writing – End of Year Objectives

Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spellings

Year 5 Maths – End of Year Objectives

DSC_0121 (Small)Ways to support your children

Read with / to your child at least 4 times a week

Spellings – See the link above the for Y5/6 statutory spelling list

Practise their times tables with them

Talk to them (modelling standard English) and ask them about their day!

Make sure they eat healthily and have a good night’s sleep so that they are ready for their learning








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